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World Famous, Opie G. Ortiz

Shirts & Hat by Opie Ortiz

Send Payment via PayPal to opiegortiz@gmail.com by using the buttons below. Text 562-900-6288 for sizes and include the style.

Shirt with Girl & Rose and Skull & Rose - Womens Sizes $25/ea.

Girl with Rose Shirt
Womens Size
DGWD Rose Skull Shirt
Womens Size

DGWD Shirt - Mens Sizes $25/ea.

DGWD Dragon Shirt
Mens Size

When you are done shopping for shirts & hats, click the button below to check out via Paypal.

DGWD Owl Nighter Hat ~ Limited Edition $25

DGWD Owl Nighter Hat
Hat Colors $25

New Flash Set by Opie Ortiz

Seven Sheets for $80

Click Here to Buy
New Flash Set

The Pizz - Rest In Power

Lord of Lowbrow

Pizz Rest in Power


Selected Artwork

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